Gyoza & Japanese Udon Noodle Restaurant

Did you know there is an excellent Japanese Udon noodle restaurant that is nearby to the greater National City, CA area? We are Ajisen Ramen San Diego, and we specialize in delicious, authentic Japanese food. Our ramen is prepared fresh each day, and we offer outstanding broths to accompany your ramen. We also have authentic Udon as well as Gyoza. So, whether you are familiar with true Japanese fast food, or you are looking forward to your first taste, we are the people to see. Our pricing is modest, our staff and customer care is excellent, and our food is out-of-this-world delicious. Our location makes us easily accessible from nearby areas such as a La Mesa, La Jolla, Santee, and National City, CA. We’re a nearby source of authentic, delicious Japanese food. So, why not stop by to partake of some of our excellent entrees soon?

Udon and Gyoza are delicious and taste their best when prepared at an authentic Japanese Udon noodle restaurant. If you haven’t yet been given the opportunity to try them, you are in for a treat. We offer authentic Japanese food at Ajisen Ramen San Diego. All our ramen is freshly prepared each day and our broths and curries are simply out of this world delicious. Visit us and experience how real Japanese ramen and other delicacies taste when they are hand-made and prepared in the traditional way. We offer you an expansive menu with a plethora of options. Our menu can be a bit overwhelming if you’ve never experienced real Japanese fast food before. But, there is no need for concern since everything on our menu is guaranteed to be absolutely delicious. Eat with us often. Our prices are affordable.

When you are ready to partake of some great Japanese cuisine, pay us a visit. We are nearby and have ample parking for our guests whether you come by vehicle or bike. We are open from 11:00 am until 10:00 pm every day of the week. We accept various forms of payment.